Washington is Out of Touch with American People

Politicians in Washington are sooooo (not a misspell) out of touch with the American people. Both Congress and the President claim to be doing what their constiguents want them to do. President Obama and Senator Boehner having been bickering so long about every issue they can’t see the trees through the forest.

Immigration reform and health reform are only two agenda items and two that should be easy to come up with answers for if Washington was not so dysfunctional. These things are not rocket science. If you walked the street of any city in America and grabbed six Republicans and six Democrats they could sit down at Starbucks and come up with solutions before finishing their second latte.

Republicans and Democrats are acting like children on the playground who still don’t know how to take turns and play well together. The average American just wants to scream, get these things done and then move on to pressing matters like:

  • Economic growth is still too slow and unemployment is way too high. DOW highs does not mean the economy is fixed.
  • Our roads, bridges, electrical grid, sewers and overall infrastructure get grades that would get you suspended from school.
  • Our public transportation lags behind even some developing countries. Taking Amtrak is still more of an adventure than a fast and effecient method of┬átransportation.
  • Disasters are waiting to happen because important projects are not happening. This blogger is in California where a drought has ravaged the state for more than three years. When the rains do come we have inadequate ┬ástorage facilities to save water for dry years. If the rains are heavy our levies are inadquate and we could see cities like Sacramento and the region flooded causing billions of dollars in damage exactly like we saw years ago in New Orleans.
  • And our schools. Oh my gosh we rank no where near the top for industrial nations in math, science and any other topics that are suppose to prepare the next generation to take over.

The President and Congress have totally misread what the people want. The latest victories by Republicans were not a vote for the status quoue and permission to keep bickering with the President. Do they want to find that out again in the next Presidential election? From what we have seen this week in Washington that certainly seems to be the case. Does the President want to help Republicans turn the American people off and make them even more disgruntled about both parties? From what we have seen this week in Washington that certainly seems to be the case.

Both parties need to put on their big boy and big girl panties, grow up and roll up their sleeves and get some work done.



Sacramento Housing Projects Update

11/9/2014-Sacramento, CA
There are many housing projects well underway and some about to get started in downtown Sacramento. Housing costs having increased as more people want to live in the city. This has been a trend for the past decade across the United States. The Sacramento Kings new arena under construction stokes the fire for other development projects along K Street and throughout Sacramento.



The Sacramento Kings Arena is Now Under Construction!

Sacramento, CA-The ground breaking for the Sacramento Kings Arena took place on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. This was an exciting day for Sacramento and Kings fans. A new arena has been in the works for more than a decade and in less than two years will be a reality. The photos below were taken from the workout area at 24 Hour Fitness. Go Kings!!!

Kings Arena image image


Giants Always Show Class

The San Francisco Giants made a huge comeback last night. What I love about this team is when they put a rally together they are happy but don’t over do the celebrating. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I like it when a team does not rub it in or overly show emotion. It used to be you never really saw a lot of emotion during a professional game in any sport. In this era it is common for a player to celebrate like they won the Super Bowl, NBA title or World Series when they do something special in a preseason game.

Enter the SF Giants. Sure they look happy as they score or hit a homerun, but those faces quickly turn to the task at hand and they don’t rub it in the other teams faces. I like that. It’s classy, it’s mature and it’s simply being humble. Sports can be cruel so why test your fate? World Champs in any sport can end up in the cellar the next year so respect your opponent, enjoy the moments and play on until the last out.

Go Giants!!!

(Pablo Sandovol comes up big, again! Shaq used to say of his NBA free throws, I make them when it counts. Pablo delivers a hit when it’s really needed and the Giants take the lead for good. Here is that hit courtesy of MLB.com)