Employers Need to Make it Easier for Job Applicants

Employers Need to Make it Easier for Job Applicants.

Looking for a job is stressful and time consuming. A great deal of thought, time and effort goes into updating resumes. More time is spent targeting companies and jobs that are a good fit.

The application process is broken. It is mind boggling trying to understand why so many companies direct applicants to their company careers page requiring them to create totally unique ID’s and passwords in order to submit one job application. Why not just let applicants apply from the job site they are already logged into such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Career Builder, etc? Creating a separate profile on each company website is so unnecessary and only creates another hurdle for job applicants. How many qualified candidates are directed to your jobs portal only to decide, oh heck with this and don’t apply? I would bet a lot of qualified candidates go back to browsing other jobs and you never see their application.

Another frustration is when employers do allow you to apply on a external career web site and later send you an email saying please go to our jobs portal and apply. Is this how you want to introduce yourself to job applicants? The process of looking for a job and searching for good applicants is a two-way street. If corporations large and small are trying to recruit good employees why make it so difficult to apply? First impressions don’t start during the interview. Applicants can see how a company operates while researching positions and going through the application process. If you are having problems recruiting, maybe the problem is not the number of qualified candidates available. The problem could be you are making it difficult for everyone including the most qualified to get their application in your hands.