SF Giants Take Game Three vs St. Louis Cardinals

The SF Giants now lead the St. Louis Cardinals 2 games to 1 in their best of seven series. Game three was a great game to watch regardless of the outcome. The Giants prevailed in extra innings when an errant throw to first base by the Cardinals allowed the game winning run. Play resumes at AT&T park on Wednesday evening.

(Hunter Pence talks about game three courtesy of MLB.com and the SF Giants)


Giants vs Nationals goes 18 innings and Giants get Win

The Nationals and Giants played two games last night without a break. It was a great game to watch or listen to and one to remember. The game tied a record for number of innings played in a playoff game. The 6 hours and 23 minutes of action is a playoffs record. Putting my Giants bias aside this is a game to be remembered for the great pitching by both sides. The Nationals Zimmerman was lights out and the press after the game asked Matt Williams, the Nationals skipper why he took him out with such a low pitch count. I did not hear the interview, but reports are Matt said that is what they did all year. I’m guessing the strategy of going with what worked during the regular season will be spiced up in the future for the Nationals. Matt Williams was a great player and is destined to be a great manager. This was a managers wake up call that regular season habits do not apply in post season play.

Tim Hudson pitched a terrific game and was fooling batters all night. The Giants bullpen was nothing but awsome. Petit put in a strong six innings. The win was possible because of strong, gutsy performances by Affeldt, Cassila, Petit, Romo, Machi, Lopez and Strickland the rookie closer we will see plenty of in the future. Pablo Sandoval kept the Giants in the game and was a major factor in taking the game into extra innings. The rookie Joe Panik was huge in getting on base so the Giants could have a scoring opportunity and take the game into extra innings. It’s a mute point now, but after watching the video over and over again, Posey still looks safe at the plate. Brandon Belt put the Giants ahead in the 18th inning with one of his towering home runs that always reminds me of his mentor Will the Thrill. This was a total team effort and win in a great low scoring game. October is the month anything can happen in baseball. If you don’t like this type of action, you don’t like MLB.

(Giants skipper Brue Bochy discusses win courtesy of MLB.com)

(Petit puts in strong 6 innings for Giants)

Go Giants!!!


Does Anybody Know Where U.S. Economy is Going?

I watch some of the business shows and read the blogs too. Do any of the experts really know where the U.S. or  World economy is going? Everyone seems to be speculating based on small pieces of data they think is important.

Will their be a stock market correction? Will jobs continue to be created? Will consumers remain optimistic and keep buying homes and cars? These are several of many questions.

I am accused in my workplace of always being happy and overly optimistic. I don’t see the economy through rose colored glasses though. What I see is a volatile stock market that has not stopped being volatile for several years now. One day the dow is up 200 points and the next day down by the same amount. I see stagnant incomes where wage increases are measured in the fractions of a percent. I see young people choosing not to buy homes because they either can’t afford starter homes or don’t think its worth it. The stock market may go up to 18,000 and corporate profits may end up better than expected for a couple quarters. My question continues to be will the overall economy get stronger long term when a consumer based economy continues to see stagnant wages and unemployment that during most times would be considered unacceptable? This non-expert and overally optimistic person hesitates and will celebrate later when more evidence is presented and it shows more people working with higher incomes.


SF Giants Win First Game in Series Against LA Dodgers

The San Francisco Giants did what they needed to on Friday to beat the LA Dodgers. They scored early and then added more runs. The Giants know they have their hands full with this talented Dodger lineup and Madison Bumgarner performed like he has all year to keep the LA bats in check. The SF offense fired on all cylinders putting men on base with frequency and with timely hits pushing in nine runs to run away with game one. Tonight at 6:05pm PST, Tim Hudson takes the mound.

(Madison Bumgarner has a terrific game against the LA Dodgers. Courtesy of MLB and SF Giants)