San Francisco Giants Look to Sweep the Milwaukee Brewers

The San Francisco Giants are hot when a team wants to be. With the month of September less than 12 hours away the Giants are playing like they did in May when they took a 9 game lead in the NL West Division. Bumgarner takes the mound this afternoon hoping to lead his team to a sweep of the Brewers. Sweeps are one of the toughest things to accomplish in sports. The Giants will need to bring their “A” game on defense and keep those bats hot.

(Bochy comments on Peavy’s great performance. Courtesy of SF Giants and


SF Giants-Playing Like May Ball Club

I was lucky enough to travel to St. Louis in May to watch four games. The San Francisco Giants looked like a team that could not be beat. Then came June and July and there was enough head scratching to wear away a thick head of hair. Nobody really could figure out what was going on. There was no one thing. Fast forward to the end of August and we are seeing the May team again. September is the perfect time to get hot. Lets keep it going Orange and Black!

Four or more runs with good pitching usually puts a W in the column. Thirteen runs almost insures a victory.SF Giants and Milwaukee Brewers Game One in San Francisco, CA video link from my favorite site, SF Giants.


San Francisco Giants Take First Game in Washington

The San Francisco Giants took the first game of series in Washington. The offense turned it on as they ran away with it 10-3. Joe Panik hit his first MLB homer in the win.

(Panik hits first homer-courtesy of MLB and SF Giants)

This afternoon at 1:05pm the Giants and Nationals resume the series. Tim Lincecum goes for his 100th win as a Giant. These games are huge as we get closer to September.

Go Giants!!!


Giants take Series vs Phillies and Close Gap in West

The San Francisco Giants came from behind on Saturday to win a fun game 7-6 and won the series on Sunday 5-2. A good team effort in both games. Here is a lighter moment and good effort by the Giants Ball Dude.

(Clip from MLB and SF Giants-Nice Grab Ball Dude)

(Saturday Game-Blanco gives Giants the lead)

Joe Panik injured a finger sliding into second base on Sunday. Let’s hope it is not broken and Joe is feeling great soon. He is playing well and we need him in the lineup.


8/10/2014 Sacramento Development Projects

8/10/2014-Sacramento Projects Update-These downtown Sacramento, CA projects are coming right along. I have enjoyed walking past them regularly and taking some photographs. You can see the whole of all albums by clicking on the “Pictures” link on the navigation bar. All these projects look like they could be completed by the end of the year or in the spring of 2015.



Teachers and Schools get Higher than Inflation Raises and Bonus. State Employees get 2%.

Some teachers and other school personnel in the Sacramento region are receiving wage increases and retroactive bonuses. Good for them! A Sunday news story in the Sacramento Bee points out the sacrifices they made during the years when California struggled with a budget crisis.

Why couldn’t state union representatives achieve the same for state workers who were hit with 15% pay cuts when they were furloughed three days a week? The state negotiating team fought long and hard to get a 2% increase with no retroactive pay. State employees would have to Google the word bonus just to get a definition of the word. If a bonus was ever brought up during bargaining it was short lived. State employees will not see real raises until unemployment is so low the state has problems with recruitment.

Those furloughs were painful for many. Homes were lost, cars repossessed and credit cards were maxed out. And it was all unnecessary and accomplished nothing. This was especially true for self-funded agencies. Self-funded agencies could have said no to furloughs. They had a solid and strong case and could have chose to stand up to the governor. Sadly, they lacked the courage, will and core values to do anything other than not make waves and go along. Those executives who stood by quietly while furloughs were enacted were equally as quiet when their bonuses arrived on schedule and later increased as the state budget improved. When it came to looking after their so called “valued employees” all they could really look after was their own behinds. Playing it safe was more important than looking out for the thousands of employees working for them. As I recall, only one CEO did have the courage to say no to furloughs and she was forced to resign and employees were forced to participate in furloughs. After that all state executives put their spines in the closet.

I would like to end this post on a positive note since the Sacramento Bee story is about how valued employees should be treated. I hope school employees continue to receive raises. I know teachers who bust their behinds everyday to develop lesson plans and teach so our kids will be able to compete in the workforce of tomorrow. Hard workers deserve to be rewarded. More power to those who overachieve and a round of applause to employers who recognize their hard work not only with kind words, but with acts of courage and determination.