Louie the English Bulldog

Louie is from Northern California Bulldog rescue. He is Mr. Loveable and is very laid back. He loves the city and meeting everyone on the streets, preferably before or after the warm temps of the day.

If you are thinking about an English Bulldog and want the facts, I suggest visiting the Nor Cal Bulldog rescue site by clicking HERE. Information is a good thing before adopting any pet.


U.S. Economy and the Stock Markets

The stock market is up 150 points one day and down by the same the next. Over and over again. Now oil prices are climbing. Inflation will NOT be a real risk anytime soon. These daily ups and downs ignore aspects in the economy that will make for long term growth. Productivity and wage growth have been weak at best. The U.S. economy depends on spending. The consumer has been reluctant and will continue to be until pay checks rise and discretionary income rises long term, not just for a quarter. We are a long, long ways from full employment. Those who talk labor shortages are fooling only themselves. The Federal Reserve is going to be reluctant to reverse policy until this changes and changes dramatically.

Look for the same volitiliy in the markets until there is a labor shortage and incomes truly edge northward. Even in the technology industry that claims candidates are hard to find there are many candidates for every job opening. When companies large and small are willing to train college and tech school graduates eliminating their laundry list of requirements we will see inflation due in part to higher wages. The Federal Reserve will hold back on raising rates until the job market and wage growth is more than luke warm.

The U.S. economy has been in this mode for five plus years. I am dumbfounded by analysts on the major business shows who are surprised or act surprised by these daily swings. The DOW is up by more than 200 points on this Friday. Don’t be surprised if the swing is southward on Monday due to anything including the temporary rise in oil prices.

It all swings back to the basics like improving our infrastructure which will not only create good jobs, but will also make the U.S. economy more productive. Good jobs and rising productivity will put more dollars in the pockets of consumers and then you will really see economic growth for the long term. Increased wealth for billionaires will not increase long term Gross Domestic Product (GDP) quarter after quarter, but increased productivity, good jobs and increased wages will. Congress and the President should put their heads together and make the nations infrastructure a HIGH priority. Until we see increased incomes and millions of high paying jobs available waiting to be filled it will be more volatility and anaemic GDP.


NCAA Tournament

Everyone is picking Kentucky in the NCAA tournament this year. The analysts think they are a shoe-in unless some team plays out of their minds or Kentucky chokes. This blogger thinks anything can happen in a one game series. We are not playing a best of five game series even at the end of the tournament. Anything can and will happen. History tells the story.

Notre Dame, Ohio State and Arizona are three teams who will want to have a say. I am going to sit back and enjoy it all. March Madness is way fun!!!

Who am I picking? I will select Ohio State. I hate going along with the rest of the pack. LOL! (Update-I went with Kentucky)