Sacramento, Ca Housing and Market Project are Getting Closer to Completion

Update 7/27/2014. Sacramento projects are moving right along. The links below take you to Flickr and my latest pictures. The Power House Inn is a housing project on 16th and P Street. The Market on R Street is located on 15th and R near Bernardo’s and across the street from Burgers and Brew and Magpie. The Warehouse Artists Lofts is up R Street across from Fox and Goose pub and restaurant near 9th and R. All three projects are getting closer and closer to completion.

Power House

Market on R Street

Warehouse Artists Lofts (WAL)




Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants and it’s been all Dodgers in Series

The San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers series has been lopsided in the Dodgers favor. This is a mild understatement. The Giants have not scored in the first two games. LA has dominated with pitching and the Dodgers have scored thirteen runs in those two games.

I understand Brian Sabean’s desire not to panic before the July 31st trade deadline. Baseball is a total team sport and overall the whole team is not producing at the plate against tough teams. The Dodgers are one more tough team and the struggles continue.

I was in St Louis for a four game series in late May. This is a totally different Giants team. They won three out of four in that series and could have won the other game, but let some players rest and heal. As other teams have heated up moving into summer the Giants have cooled more than the fog cools the city during summer months. Should Brian look for some offense before the trade deadline? I say yes, but one or two players don’t win series after series during a long baseball season. Making the playoffs requires production from the top to the bottom of the lineup.

When the Giants won the World Series in 2010 and 2012 it was not because they had a couple superstars. Total team effort and results brought championships to San Francisco. Another playoff run will require the same. Trades or no trades it’s the twenty-five active roster that will determine if there is baseball in October for the San Francisco Giants.

Go Giants!!!




The Millennials are Not Buying into the American Dream

I have a daughter who is a millennial. I can tell you firsthand many in this generation are not buying into what is sold as the American dream. A significant number have college degrees and quite a few advanced degrees. Debt has come with the years of study and some choices have become limited partly due to paying back student loans. The shift in thinking is not limited to millennials with higher education credentials. It would be foolish to think elimination of debt will make this generation rethink what they want or consider important. Millennials are not buying into:

  • The need to buy a car. Many are choosing to live in cities where cars are not a necessity.
  • Purchasing a home. With debt buying a house has become difficult. Even without debt many are deciding it’s not their dream.
  • Investing-it’s a mistake to think millennials don’t save. Many are venturing into 401k plans and stocks. Those same savers are not buying into decades old thinking that a house is an investment.
  • Consumption-more millennials are choosing to live simply with less conspicuous consumption.

Millennials are not buying into the American dream created in the 1950′s. They have their own dreams and inspirations. Business should take notice.


The More the World Changes the More…

The more the World changes the more it stays the same. Right when we think the World will concentrate on peace and economic growth conflicts emerge in several regions. Syria, Israel and Ukraine are only the latest areas where human tragedy happens everyday. Some of these disputes have been going on for decades. If you had news clips from fifty years ago they would look very similar to what we are seeing now.

When the hate stops so will some of these conflicts. I hope and pray that peace will come and another generation will not have to live under these conditions.


Giants vs Diamondbacks and Giants take the Series

The San Francisco Giants came back today and took the series from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I went on Saturday and the offense could not get it going, but it was still a great day at the park.

Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner both hit grand-slams. Amazing! And we should not forget the great catch by Hunter Pence. The Giants lost 2-1 on Saturday, but came back with a big win Sunday. The final score 8-1. It’s now All-Star break and Giants action resumes on Friday when the team visits Miami for a three game series.

Videos courtesy of

Go Giants!!!


A Few Suggestions to Help Keep your Web Site or Blog Secure

In 2014 you don’t have to be a high-tech person to have a web site or blog and have a lot of fun with it. If you do have a web site or blog here are a couple suggestions to help keep it safe from hackers:

  1. Use passwords that do not include real words. Your dogs name spelled backwards with numbers in the middle or at the end is much better than a common word. The main point here is don’t make your password something someone can guess.
  2. If you have your own domain and have it hosted with a web service most likely you are able to log into a panel and see the applications provided. Keep the versions of applications up to date. For example, web services often recommends updating to the most current SQL and PHP versions to reduce vulnerabilities. If you are unsure of how to keep applications current, contact technical support and they should be able to do it for you or provide instructions. If done incorrectly a website can be broken and a restore will be needed. It is good to ask support before attempting if you are uncertain.
  3. If you use WordPress or any other blog service be selective about the plug-ins you decide to use. Some plugins have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Limit your plug-ins to ones you will be using regularly and check out the reviews before using. A plug-in used on a million web sites that gets top reviews may be safer than one just made available and only a few have tried. Once again, be selective.

Sadly, there are a lot of mischievous folks out there with time on their hands. There is no fool-proof method to keep hackers out. Secure passwords and regularly looking for suspicious activities can help. Customer/Technical support should be able to address any concerns you have. Have fun with your blog or web site!


SF Giants display some power late in game vs San Diego Padres

Giants vs San Diego-The San Francisco Giants have been struggling for more than a month. Their record over that period of time 5-18. Saturday against the Padres the bats woke up at the end of the gave and the Giants got a win. Giants fans are hoping this will start a new streak.

(Clip courtesy of SF Giants and

Go Giants!!!


Sacramento Kings-New Complex Name Should Be “KJ Arena”

Ground has not been broken yet for the new Kings Arena in downtown Sacramento. A smart and savvy corporation should sponsor the new facility, but play second fiddle to the namesake.

This blogger suggests early in the game that Sacramento name the new complex after Kevin Johnson. “KJ Arena” This facility would not be happening if it were not for the perseverance of Kevin Johnson. Some sponsor out there can use this as an advantage with their marketing. Live from KJ Arena sponsored by _______. This would mean one arena in America where the name does not change and corporate America benefits sponsoring not only the arena, but the extraordinary efforts by Mayor Johnson, the city of Sacramento and commissioner David Stern in making the impossible happen.

KJ Arena will bring magic to downtown Sacramento and will benefit the whole region.