U.S. Economy and the New MLB Season

It won’t be long until the end of the first economic quarter of 2015. Will the economy continue to grow as we head into spring and the Major League Baseball (MLB) 2015 season?

The U.S. economy is not isolated from the rest of the World. Policy makers know this and what happens in Europe and Asia matter. World economic growth is in the best interests of our economic and national security. World stability and improving the lives of people in war torn or economically challenged nations are key factors for our own well being. We can’t isolate ourselves. That would be the worst thing for us as a nation. Working like there are no borders and building a stable World economy where everyone prospers is vital. Most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

Spring training is underway for MLB. This spring the U.S. economy will keep growing steadily if economic stability takes hold in Europe and diplomatic actions bring peace to war torn nations. Asia, Europe and the U.S. must work together to make these things happen.

As part of an international community we should strive to bring health and prosperity to poor nations. Prosperity and health means less strife and more stability. These are the things that make for more certainty and the markets like certainty.

A growing World economy will ensure the U.S. economy will be hitting singles all summer with occasional home runs in what could be a great summer. We must utilize our lineup and play for the long term.



MLB Spring Training is just around the corner. That means the regular season is not far off. Baseball fans like myself are getting excited.

I am a San Francisco Giants fan. This last year had so many great moments. There really can’t be just one favorite. There was a magical moment that was very special. Like most fans, I love unlikely hero stories. The story of a fighter who gets to play because he works hard and deserves to be in there. That magical moment was when Travis Ishikawa sent the Giants to the World Series with his walk off home run to win the penant. I think every Giant player would say this was one very special at bat and if you don’t like this you don’t like Giants baseball.

Travis Ishikawa walk off home run to win the penant called by Jon Miller

It does not get better than this. Bring on MLB 2015!!!


Congress and the President Must Act

Republicans and Democrats agree that our infrastruture needs vast improvements. The time is now to make these improvements. There can be no more excuses. Another tragedy happened today. A commuter train in New York collided with a vehicle at a crossing. The U.S.has been left behind in developing modern rail. Our trains could be running above ground in urban areas avoiding danger zones. These accidents happen simply because we don’t spend our resources on infrastructure. Other nations take safety more seriously and have built above ground to help avoid collisions, especially in urban areas.

Congress and the President should stop talking and start leading the U.S. Our infrastructure ranks right down there with poor third World nations. This needs to change now.

Let’s build our infrastructure and save lifes. We should not have to lose more lives due to inadequate infrastructure before the President and Congress takes action.┬áTalk is cheap. It is time to build and upgrade.

My prayers go out to family who lost loved ones in this tragic accident.


State of the Union Address January 2015

  • Both Parties agree the President did a fine job on his speech. That is about the only thing they agree. This needs to change big time. Americans are tired of gridlock in our nations capital.

I am an average American and I would like to see the following happen:

  • Agree on cutting tax loop holes. If this requires a cut in the corporate tax rate to appease the majority party, do it!!!
  • Come to a final agreement on health care. Compromise is in order. Republicans should realize Obama-Care is not going away and the President should realize there are opportunities for adjustments which could make the system better and appease the majority party. Just like Social Security there is some wiggle room for tinkering.
  • This average American can’t believe we are debating infrastructure and the need for improvements. I am happy to reside in California where our governor has high-speed rail on track so we can eventually travel from one end of the state to another without driving or waiting two hours at an airport for a one hour flight. Truckers should be happy to get us seniors off I-5. Electric grids, water infrastructure, airports, roads and bridges are other things to focus on.
  • Immigration Reform-we are all immigrants. Coming up with a plan should not be this hard. Seriously, just come up with a reform plan and enact it so millions of people living in this country can take care of their families and not have to look over their shoulders worrying about deportation.

Washington needs to do what most college students accomplish daily. Set some goals and target dates for completion and meet those goals! Gridlock should not be an option in 2015!!!



Tenants Moving into R Street Lofts

1/19/2015 Update-The R Street Artist Lofts located in downtown Sacramento are nearly completed and some tenants are moving in. I am not involved in the project, but it looks like the building is near completion. I was biking by and saw a U-Haul and what appeared to be a tenant moving in. This is a great project for the R Street Corridor. All those involved including CADA who stuck with the project for more than a decade should be commended.

(Photo’s taken 1/19/2015)