16 Powerhouse, Sacramento CA

1/252015-UPDATE-16 Powerhouse, Sacramento, CA Complex is almost ready for residents and business!

1/252015-UPDATE-16 Powerhouse, Sacramento, CA Complex is almost ready for residents and business!

1/252015-UPDATE-16 Powerhouse, Sacramento, CA Complex is almost ready for residents and business!

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State of the Union Address January 2015

  • Both Parties agree the President did a fine job on his speech. That is about the only thing they agree. This needs to change big time. Americans are tired of gridlock in our nations capital.

I am an average American and I would like to see the following happen:

  • Agree on cutting tax loop holes. If this requires a cut in the corporate tax rate to appease the majority party, do it!!!
  • Come to a final agreement on health care. Compromise is in order. Republicans should realize Obama-Care is not going away and the President should realize there are opportunities for adjustments which could make the system better and appease the majority party. Just like Social Security there is some wiggle room for tinkering.
  • This average American can’t believe we are debating infrastructure and the need for improvements. I am happy to reside in California where our governor has high-speed rail on track so we can eventually travel from one end of the state to another without driving or waiting two hours at an airport for a one hour flight. Truckers should be happy to get us seniors off I-5. Electric grids, water infrastructure, airports, roads and bridges are other things to focus on.
  • Immigration Reform-we are all immigrants. Coming up with a plan should not be this hard. Seriously, just come up with a reform plan and enact it so millions of people living in this country can take care of their families and not have to look over their shoulders worrying about deportation.

Washington needs to do what most college students accomplish daily. Set some goals and target dates for completion and meet those goals! Gridlock should not be an option in 2015!!!



Tenants Moving into R Street Lofts

1/19/2015 Update-The R Street Artist Lofts located in downtown Sacramento are nearly completed and some tenants are moving in. I am not involved in the project, but it looks like the building is near completion. I was biking by and saw a U-Haul and what appeared to be a tenant moving in. This is a great project for the R Street Corridor. All those involved including CADA who stuck with the project for more than a decade should be commended.

(Photo’s taken 1/19/2015)


Do Job Seekers Succeed on the Internet?

I have used some of the big internet job sites and wonder if people are really offered job interviews and employment? There are plenty of stories about how job seekers think their applications have gone into a black hole that even Stephen Hawking could not find. However, I never see any stories where job seekers are celebrating how they found a job on any of the services and recommending others to try.

The most popular job hunting sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and the numerous others don’t make claims and users are not making proclamations of finding their dream jobs. When I am on LinkedIn it feels very similar to browsing Facebook and when I am using Indeed it’s very similar to looking at the classifieds in my local newspaper.

My dream for younger people just entering the workforce is that some day the U.S. will have a logical system that matches job seekers with employers. We seem a long ways from that and until then employers will complain that qualified employees are not available and job seekers will keep wondering which black hole their application fell into. We can do much better.



Fitness Trend Goes High Tech

The sales of exercise monitoring equipment is exploding. Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike lead the way. Being able to monitor daily activity including sleep habits is appealing to a growing population conscious of the health benefits of being and staying healthy.

I biked to coffee this morning. My activity was monitored and when I get home my device will point me in the direction of what type and how much activity I may want this afternoon to meet my goals. Using one of these devices turns New Years resolutions into attainable goals.

You can purchase these devices online on the company web sites or on sites like Amazon. I’m sure Target and Costco sell these nifty little devices also.

These tracking devices are designed to wear on your wrist or clipped on to your shorts/pants. Happy New Year! May you meet all your fitness goals!!!


2015 Where is the Economy Going?

2015 has already started with a volatile stock market. The price of oil dropping to levels not seen since 2009 has created confusion and the stock market can’t decide if this is an overall good thing or bad.

For most citizens in any part of the World the answer is clear. It is a good thing to have more money to spend on other things. Unless of course your job is in the oil industry. Working in the oil industry does not mean you are going to lose your job. Some will and some won’t.

Cheaper fuel is good for consumers and industry. Overall it’s good for the World economy. The stock market is having troubles translating any new data these days. The volatility has been there since 2008 and it appears to be with us again in 2015.

Lower gas prices at the pump puts more money into consumers pockets. So do wage increases and this is the crux of our over all volatility. Real wages have not increased in a very long time. Lower gas prices always end up being a temporary thing. Most consumers know this and may put off buying a new home or spending on major ticket items because their wage growth is more a predictor of being able to pay off a large ticket item than temporary savings at the gas station. Some consumers may go out and buy larger vehicles based on current gas prices, but very few will take the leap and buy a new house based on this temporary savings.

We have several recent memorable experiences when prices at the pump dropped dramtically only to rise sharply later as the World economy improved and when geopolitical developments reduced the Worlds supply of oil as demand rose.

If we want an economy that grows and a stock market that is not so volatile we should focus on tax reform, infrastructure in a big way, health care reform that reduces costs for consumers and iniatives for high wage job creation. Consumers power the economy and their long term incomes will ultimately decide what type of economic growth we will have in the future.


Insight Coffee has Second Location Downtown Sacramento

Insight has a second coffee establishment in downtown Sacramento.

Insight Coffee on 10th near State Capitol

Insight Coffee on 10th near State Capitolt on 10th street not far from the Capitol.

Same coffees as the 8th and S street shop, but a different building type and style. Soon there will be another location on 16th street between P and Q streets.

This location promises to be different from the other two. The third Insight is going into a brand new apartment complex and will have the real modern vibe.

With three different coffee brands anchoring Q and P Streets including Naked Coffee Lounge and Starbucks over on P and 16th Street, coffee lovers will have plenty of choices within walking distance of Fremont Park which is right in the middle of all this midtown development.